wjfw logoWho could have known just one afternoon could change a lifetime. Similar to how some people will never forget their first kiss, I will never forget the day I fell in love with the video camera. On this particular day I decided to stay late for an after school audiovisual club meeting which instantly spurred my appetite to start telling visual stories.   I cannot recall the weather, day of the week, or the exact time, but I can remember being handed a video camera and from that day forward my right hand morphed into the camera and my eyes became the lens. I look back and know how fortunate I am to have realized my passion in life at such a young age. Since middle school I have spent the past 12 years building a hobby into a career. I am thrilled to announce that I will be working for WJFW, an NBC affiliate in Rhinelander Wisconsin. I am so thankful for the opportunities, and people I have met over the years that have helped nurture my dreams toward the start of my career as a journalist.


OUTERBANKS, NC – Classes are cancelled this week which can only mean one thing, SPRING BREAK! Temple students will be soaking in the rays at warm weather destinations like the one pictured above. You can’t see any in this picture, but the Outerbanks in North Carolina is home to nearly 100 wild mustang horses that freely roam the off terrain areas on the island. Here’s a story I did on location in the Outerbanks on those wild horses.


WASHINGTON, DC – It’s almost impossible to find a cheesesteak, but Washington DC is a nice change of pace from life in Philadelphia. Exploring a new city is always fun, but it’s more of a workout when you’re doing it with fellow tour guides! Finding something to do in our nation’s capital was incredibly easy on a college budget. Luckily most of the museums around DC offer free admission so a convenient place to thaw out and warm up during our cold walks across the lawn. Of course, the one museum I have been dying to go to, the Newseum, charges admission but I can say it is definitely worth a visit! Inside the Newseum has specialized exhibits which help capture the nation’s history through journalism. It’s not everyday you get to touch segments of the Berlin wall or sift through hundreds of actual newspapers dating back to the beginning of the printing press.  If you’re like me and sometimes find museums overwhelming, fortunately tickets to the Newseum are valid for two days so you can come back and “go live” again in the museum’s interactive newsroom. You can see the “live” clip from my visit to the Newseum with Shay and Maura down below.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Beat the summer heat and take a leap of faith into “Devil’s Pool,” a natural swimming hole located inside Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. After a short hike visitors can plunge into the refreshing Wissahickon Creekwater. This scenic spot, nestled back in the woods is known as one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets. The area is said to have been a spiritual gathering site for local Native Americans and some locals still claim the site is haunted. Best of all this natural pool is less than 15 minutes from Temple University’s main campus. The question remains are YOU brave enough to take the dive? Devil’s Pool is open all year round so if you are a true thrill seeker I’d recommend you come back in the winter and take the “Polar Plunge.” On a recent trip to Devil’s Pool I witnessed two kids jump nearly 70ft off an overhanging bridge into the pool of shallow water (everyone was okay) but this is not recommended. You can see these true thrill seekers and some other clips taken from my cell phone camera in the video below.


It’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment living year round here on Temple University’s North Philadelphia main campus.  However, sometimes it’s nice to ditch the hustle and bustle of the big city and venture out into the woods. Recently I took a trip up with my girlfriend up to French Creek State Park where we both attempted to “rough it” for the weekend. As an avid camper, I like the challenge of avoiding civilization for as long as possible…however, thanks to some hungry raccoons we had to make an emergency stop to Walmart halfway thru our camping adventure to restock on food. All in all, the trip was a success as evidenced by our return to North Philadelphia with all of our limbs still attached.


Christmas came a little early tonight after I received an email from the Hearst Journalism Foundation stating I placed 5th in this years nationwide journalism features competition! After my 11th place finish last year I was pretty hard on myself and therefore made it a personal goal to finish in the top 10.  Check out the video below to see one of the pieces I submitted to this year’s contest. The following story is on Temple’s own dining hall celebrity. If any of you prospective students ever get a morning tour here at Temple make sure you give a shout out to Andrea, our campus celebrity. Andrea works in the dining hall where you’ll be having FREE lunch following the tour!