If college students set the price than everything would be FREE. I mean let’s face it we overdraft our bank accounts more often than we go to class…ha just kidding!!! Seriously though next time you’re here for a visit on campus be sure and ask your tour guide about all the FREE perks here on campus. Also keep in mind that while something might not be free, Temple students get all kinds of awesome discounts. That’s why I created this list aka the ultimate penny saver’s guide to being a Temple student.



1. FREE student tickets to Temple athletic events

2. FREE gym membership to Temple’s IBC and TUFF gym facilities

3. FREE cough drops, tissues and tynlenol at Temple’s Student Health Center

4. FREE admission to big name concerts on campus such as New Found Glory, Common, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco

5. FREE movie rentals through the Temple Library Media Services Center

6. FREE food and fun every Friday night at Temple’s Student Center

7. FREE transportion shuttle services that will take students anywhere within a 20 block radius of campus

8. FREE counseling services at Temple’s Tuttleman counseling center

9. FREE Resume critique at Temple’s Career Services Center

10. FREE technical support offered for laptops and desktops through Temple’s Computer Services Center



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