FORGET THE REST…RUSH THE BEST.  Today marks the beginning of rush which is an exciting two week journey for students interested in joining greek life. Here on Temple’s campus interested students can rush a fraternity in the fall or the spring. Sororities on the other hand only hold recruitment in the fall. I always look forward to rush because we have free food, and lots of cool events. However rush is also a very competitive time since each fraternity strives to get the best group of guys. Therefore each organization does everything they can to stand out, which is why even the rush flyer is so important. If you click on our flyer to the left you can see our upcoming rush calendar. As you might notice we have some pretty sweet events lined up which include dodgeball, a wingbowl, and our newly added Kappa Sigma War Games.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts greek life comprises a little over 10% of the student population and the number of organizations joining campus is growing rapidly per semester. Joining a greek organization is a great way to get involved on campus providing community service and leadership opportunities. I’d reccomend anyone interested in going greek to come out for rush becaues it’s a laid back, eye opening look into a whole new world of college life. Here are some related blog posts about greek life at Temple.





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