In 4 days I’ll be leaving on an epic 10 day trip overseas to England and Ireland. I’ve never been to either countries before so I’m pretty excited to explore and take in the sights and culture. My journey begins in Manchester, England which is home to one of the world’s most well known soccer teams: Manchester United. Ironically the team happens to have a home game the weekend I’ll be in Manchester so naturally I had to score tickets! From Manchester I’ll be staying the majority amount of time in Leeds, England and then just before I leave I’ll be flying to Dublin, Ireland for a few days. One of the main reasons I decided to go abroad was the fact that I’ll be staying and traveling with a current Temple student studying at the University of Leeds. Even though I’ll be away over Thanksgving I’ll still be celebrating by helping to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Another reason I decided to take the trip was to make up for the fact I personally won’t be able to fit an entire semester abroad. While 10 days doesn’t compare to an entire semester abroad I thought it would be a perfect amount of time to take in the sights, and experience the rich culture overseas. If you are thinking about studying abroad I’d definitely recommend you take advantage of the opportunity. Anyone interested in studying abroad should click here and explore Temple’s study abroad website. In the meantime bon voyage and expect to see a bunch of pictures once I get back!


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