One thing that’s great about Temple is the flexibility each student has over his or her own schedule. While scheduling classes initially can be a nightmare when it’s all said and done usually things seem to work out. For example this semester I decided to schedule all my classes on Tuesday and Thursdays with one class on Wednesday nights. This schedule has allowed me to take on an internship and also work more hours as your tour guide! One of my classes this semester is a two credit Urban Studies course focusing on the violence in Philadelphia. Over the course of the semester the professor, Dr. Charles Johson, has brought in guest speakers from various guest speakers and also arranged an eye opening field trip to Philadelphia’s Youth Study Center…aka Juvie. One of the final projects in his class is a group project where someone in each group is responsible for creating a video highlighting a certain neighborhood in Philadelphia. My group chose to focus on the 19th district which is part of West Philadelphia. You can check out my video below!


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  1. Not a bad little clip -more graff and less time-lapse clouds but overall 6/10 (traffic light seq. at the end too cheesey!)
    -I mean, that said -i doubt i could do any better.

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