Pulling an all nighter in my opinion is part of your initiation to college life. Usually these nights are filled with coffee, stress, and LOTS of homework. However there’s one all nighter most Temple students pull once a year that is unique. Every year when Relay For Life comes around I get pretty excited. It’s a great event that brings everyone together while fighting back against cancer. This year students started flooding the student pavilion on Temple’s campus around 6:00 lugging along their mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Over the course of the night students walked around the track and participated in all kinds of fun activities. Luckily Red Bull showed up and gave away much needed energy drinks to those students still walking past midnight. Every year the event manages to be successful and this year was no different. Take a look at the story below on this year’s Relay for life. Special thanks to Pat Rosenbaum for helping me out especially with the standup time lapse shot!

The college all nighter is usually filled with coffee, textbooks, and stress. But as I found out staying up all night can also be a way to fight back against cancer.


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  1. What a wonderful story. Great job guys!

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