This is my creative space or, “The Cave” as I like to call it…It’s the space underneath my loft in my room at my fraternity house located here on campus.I don’t have three computers but rather 2 monitors hooked up to my laptop. The multiple displays are essential when editing video.  60% of the time my work gets done here all the time…haha no but seriously I am a huge believer in having a creative space. When I lived in Whitehall (one of the freshmen residence halls) I took apart my desk to accommodate my monitors, hard drives, and other various video equipment. I’m always interested to see how students setup their rooms which is one of the reasons I am hoping to start “dorm cribs” in conjunction with Temple Admissions next semester. I think prospective students, and parents would be interested in watching an inside look at life inside a Temple University residence hall.  Stay tuned for more details about this project. Break is coming to an end soon which means class are right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off another semester here in Philly.



  1. wow pretty impressive 😀

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