It might be Christmas Eve but the show must go on…I’ve already come to accept the fact I’ll be working most holidays over the course of my journalism career. With that in mind I drove about a half mile from my house on Broad Street to the CBS 3 studios today to visit, “3-On Your Side” consumer unit reporter, Jim Donovan.

I got a chance to sit in the studio during the afternoon newscast with a rundown to follow along. I’ve known Mr. Donovan for a few years now through the KYW Newstudies program I participated in as a junior in high school and other various broadcasting seminars.Mr. Donovan graduated from Seton Hall University and got his start at WWOR-TV in Secaucus, New Jersey. About 10 years later Mr. Donovan earned his first Emmy Award for an investigative report on plane crash survival. While working in North Carolina Mr. Donovan was named, “Outstanding Consumer Reporter” from the Better Business Bureau. Over the years Mr. Donovan has stressed the importance of networking.

I left the CBS 3 Studios today excited to learn I’d have the opportunity to become one of their summer interns. Now I can’t wait until summer which is only 150 days away….


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