Tuesday morning I woke up to my alarm going off at 6:15 AM…needless to say this early wake up call is not part of my normal schedule. However on Tuesday I was up bright and early to head back to my former high school, Conestoga High School, in Berwyn, PA. Each year my high school invites alumni back for alumni week on Conestoga’s morning newscast, “Good Morning Stoga.” This newscast is broadcast every morning at 8:08 am throughout the school and homes across the district.  This year I was invited back by my former Journalism teacher, Susan Houseman, and asked to be the sports anchor. Check out the newscast below:

As you can tell from the quality of the show Conestoga High School has a prestigious television program recognized across the nation by the The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the Student Television Network. Not only does Conestoga have one main studio but the school has an additional studio b for various other shows. Both studios have commercial quality video mixers, soundboards, monitors, and top of the line 3 CCD studio cameras. I’m so grateful I was fortunate enough to attend a high school where I was able to get the jump start my television career.


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  1. Great broadcast, I wish my high school did something like this with bringing people back.

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